Matt Berg for Congress

A Passionate Advocate for Community, Character, and Country.

Experienced servant-leader determined

 to help guarantee the freedom I see being lost by, or denied to, millions of our fellow Texans.  Freedoms that my grandfather and I fought for from the Greatest Generation through the Global War on Terror.   ​

I will work to make Texas and America THE global example of fiscally responsible social justice and environmental stewardship utilizing all sources of energy in a way to keep Texans, of all races, religious choices, and orientations, working today while giving our children a clear future tomorrow.  Here you will find logic and research over rhetoric and name-calling.  You may even see some bipartisanship and proof that there is a place for voters I believe are the TRUE silent majority: those who feel they are limited to extremes in government but are themselves not at the extremes of the political spectrum.

Come work WITH me FOR you.



Thank you for your interest in our campaign.  If you have a question, concern, or would simply like to get in touch, please see the information below.

P.O. Box 1398
Fresno, TX 77545

(832) 409-7119

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